'D' Book
Dog's Disappearing Ds

Help the dog discover what happened to all the 'D's in the book.

Books Mission
Learning to read is hard for young children. This book makes it fun and interactive.

About the Authors
Were the Bownes family Jane, Jon, and LeeAnn. LeeAnn is at the age where she is learning to read and enjoys creating stories. Our goal, with this book series, is to encourage and develop LeeAnns storytelling skills. We had a great time creating this book and look forward to making more.

LeeAnn Bownes digital artwork, hand drawn artwork, and story editing.
Jane Bownes story editing, hand drawn artwork, page layout and keeping Jon inline
Jon Bownes digitalizing artwork, page layout, story editing, and project coordination.

Purchasing Details
Available for purchase at these fine retailers: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords

  Fun Stuff
Please enjoy the activity and coloring PDF files. If you have any suggestions contact us at jbownes2017@gmail.com.

  Coloring Pages

  Activity Pages
Letter Maze 1
Letter Maze 2
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Maze 1
Maze 2
Word Search 1
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